Can I consult a conveyancer in other states of Australia?


If you are selling or purchasing a property or business in another state or territory of Australia, then you will need to contact a licensed conveyancer in that state (in NSW, VIC, SA, WA, TAS or NT), or a Solicitor (QLD and ACT) as the laws applying to the transfer of property vary. Conveyancers are not licensed to operate in Queensland or the A.C.T.

The role of a licensed conveyancer is quite different across Australia. The relevant states/territory permit licensed conveyancers to undertake differing levels of work and responsibilities. Accordingly the Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy covering each conveyancer is limited to work done within that state/territory only.

Some Licensed Conveyancers in NSW are also licensed to provide conveyancing services in other states. You should check that any conveyancer offering this service holds the appropriate license with the regulatory authority in that state and is covered by the mandated Professional indemnity Insurance Policy for that State. If in doubt ask the conveyancer to provide copies of these details so you can check with the relevant state licensing authority.

You can also contact the relevant Division of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers to find a local conveyancer or ask about the relevant state authorities:


Australian Institute of Conveyancers

AIC National
Western Australia
South Australia
New Zealand Society of Conveyancers