Benefits of Membership

Information:  All members are provided with up to date information regarding all matters to do with conveyancing. Legislation changes, procedural changes, stamp duty changes, LPI changes and more.

Networking opportunities: Being a member provides you with many opportunities to network with other likeminded people.

Education: Members are able to take advantage of the educational events the Institute conducts throughout each year at discounted rates.

Support: Being a member gives you confidence knowing you are not on your own. Our helpline is there for members’ benefit and you will soon make personal contact with other conveyancers who you can speak to for assistance and support. Become a member of one of our Best Practice Groups which will provide further support and knowledge.

Advocacy: Being part of a professional organisation gives you a voice that will be heard by Government Departments and at Ministerial level.

Member Services: Some of our services can only be provided because of the number of uses, this is another benefit of being with a professional organisation. 

Other Benefits are:

   Business Owner  Employed Licensee  Affiliate Member  Student Member
 Discount Rate for CPD  Events & Conference.       Yes           Yes          Yes           Yes
 Weekly News Alert       Yes           Yes          Yes           Yes
 Convey Magazine       Yes           Yes          Yes           Yes
 Access to AICNSW  website (for members)       Yes           Yes          Yes           Yes
 Access to PII Policy       Yes           N/A          N/A           N/A
 Find A Conveyancing  Business entry       Yes           No          No            No
 Conveyancer Assist  (Helpline)       Yes          Yes          No            No
 Employment Register       Yes          Yes          Yes           Yes
 Risk Management  Program       Yes          N/A          N/A           N/A
 Annual Conference       Yes          Yes          Yes           Yes
 Bi-Annual National  Conference       Yes          Yes          Yes           Yes
 Self-Issue Deposit  Guarantees (Bonds)       Yes          Yes           No           No
 CPD Events       Yes          Yes          N/A          N/A

Benefits of Membership