Serving Our Members Strategy
Strong, Cohesive Membership Effective Member Engagement
Robust Member Networks
Excellent Member Service Compelling Member Services
Comprehensive Career Pathways
A Well-Informed, Skilled Membership Timely Member Communications
Online Member Resource
Tailored Continuing Professional Development
Serving Our Profession Strategy
A Proactive AIC NSW Working with Industry/Sponsors
Managing Change Effectively
Fostering Workplace Flexibility
Safeguarding Health & Wellbeing
Tracking the Profession
High Professional Standards Facilitating Compliance
Mitigating & Managing Risk
Spearheading Professionalism
Promoting Excellence
Representing & Profiling the Profession Strategy
Increased Profile of the Profession Strengthen AIC NSW Brand
Build Profile of Profession
Effective Policy Outcomes Strategic Policy / Industry Agenda
Industry Representation
Stakelholder Engagement
    An accountable, representative Council

Leading the Profession Strategy
Strong Leadership Councillors’ Charter
An accountable, representative Council
A Sustainable AIC NSW Strategic Planning Cycle
Effective Sponsorship Program
Strong Financial Management
Strengthen Existing Revenue Streams
Identify new funding opportunities