• $990
  • 1. A person who holds a New South Wales Conveyancer's Licence and is carrying on a conveyancing business.
  • 2. Only one Licensed Conveyancer from each business – whether unincorporated sole trader, partnership or company – is able to take out Business Membership on behalf of that conveyancing business.
  • $396
  • A person who holds a New South Wales Conveyancer's Licence.
  • $396
  • 1. A person who does not hold a New South Wales Conveyancer's Licence; and
  • 2. is not enrolled in a prescribed course for qualification as Licensed Conveyancer in New South Wales, but who is approved in this category by the AICNSW Council.
  • FREE
  • 1. A person enrolled as a student in a prescribed course for qualification as Licensed conveyancer in New South Wales.
  • 2. Evidence of current enrolment must be provided to the AICNSW to be eligible. This must be provided within 48 hours of enrolment otherwise membership will be deactivated.

The AICNSW membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Membership fees fall due on 1 April each year and are payable in full on this date. Those who apply for membership part-way through the membership year will have their membership fees pro-rated automatically.

Payment of membership fees is by Mastercard and Visa only.

By applying for membership you are deemed to have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.


Information: All members are provided with up to date information regarding all matters to do with conveyancing such as legislation changes, procedural changes, stamp duty changes, LPI changes and more.

 Networking opportunities: Being a member provides you with many opportunities to network with other likeminded people.

 Education: Members are able to take advantage of the educational events conducted by the Institute throughout each year at discounted rates.

 Support: Being a member gives you confidence knowing you are not on your own. Our Helpline is there for members' benefit and you will soon make personal contact with other conveyancers and Best Practice Groups who you can speak to for assistance and support.

 Advocacy: Being part of a professional organisation gives you a voice that will be heard by Government departments and at Ministerial level.

 Member Services: Some of our services can only be provided because of the number of users, this is another benefit of being with a professional organisation.

Other benefits are: Business Owner Employed Affiliate Student
Discount Rate for CPD Events and State & National Conferences.
Weekly News Alert
Convey Magazine
Access to AICNSW website (members only section)
Access to PII Policy N/A N/A N/A
Find a Conveyancing Business Entry N/A N/A N/A
Conveyancer Assist (Helpline)
Employment Register
Risk Management Program N/A N/A N/A
Self-Issue Deposit Guarantees (Bonds)
AICNSW Membership is only available to individuals. Businesses and corporations do not qualify for membership.