In October 2018, the Council of the AICNSW conferred on Mr Paul Denny the status of Life Membership to recognise his significant contribution to the conveyancing profession in NSW. Paul, who was NSW’s first license holder, has enjoyed continued business growth over the years while building strong branding for the conveyancing industry.

Below is a transcript from the evening:

It is not generally known that Paul comes from conveyancing stock! Paul’s father, George Spencer Denny, was issued with his conveyancing licence in 1962. After working for a few years as a real estate agent in Adelaide, in 1978 Paul decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a conveyancer (or land brokers, as they were then called in Adelaide). He opened his first office, Stirling Land Brokers, in the Adelaide Hills.

In 1988, Paul became the founder of a group of land brokers called Optima Conveyancing Group. This was a revolutionary concept at the time. The amalgamation of many land broking firms proved to be most beneficial at the time of rapidly emerging technology that facilitated the provision of a greater level of service to their clients.

In 1993, legislation was passed in NSW to allow the licensing of conveyancers. Paul saw an opportunity to transfer his wealth of knowledge to NSW. Paul sold his practice in Adelaide and moved to NSW and was immediately granted the very first conveyancing licence to issue in NSW. He then started Paul Denny Conveyancing from a small office in Lane Cove. By 2000, the practice had expanded to four offices and over 20 staff.

As a testament to his commitment to the highest professional standards, and despite not being required to do so, Paul was amongst the first group of students to participate in the inaugural Conveyancing Law and Practice course at Macquarie University. He learnt, at first hand, just how demanding this course is, and how highly qualified the graduates are. His association with Macquarie University has continued with the presentation of an annual award to the student who has achieved high results – despite not working in the profession.

Throughout the years, Paul has promoted his business with his series of radio ads using his catchy slogan “When all you do is conveyancing, you get very good at it!”. Many of his colleagues have commented that such a slogan benefits the entire conveyancing profession. Paul has also nurtured well over 100 conveyancers throughout the years – 16 of which have gone on to start successful conveyancing businesses of their own.

Paul has always believed that adopting new technology is a vital aspect of growth. He has seen it all, progressing from an office with just a typewriter and calculator (the old ones with a paper print-out). He welcomed the “birth” of facsimile machines, computers, the Internet, mobile technology, etc. Some would say that this cycle is about to go full circle with the diminishing reliance upon facsimiles.

On 5 December 2014 (yes, that is 5 years ago), through the PEXA platform, Paul Denny Conveyancing conducted the world’s first electronic settlement!

Immediately after celebrating his first 40 years as a conveyancer, Paul was asked “well, how does that feel?”. His response: “If I am still enjoying delivering the service expected by my clients, with the support of a great team, I see no reason why this 40-year celebration is little more than a dress rehearsal for the 50-year celebration!”