Article 1: Conveyancing Law and Practice Course

Macquarie University’s Conveyancing Law and Practice Course registration for Session 1 2021 closes on 22 January.  Study session starts 22nd February. Register here.

Article 2: 99% of dealings now available for electronic lodgment 

ORG has announced that another twenty-four Real Property Act dealings are available for lodgment as electronic dealings, without needing to attach a paper form as is the current process under the temporary COVID-19 residual lodgment facility.

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Article 3: New dealings to be mandated from March 2021 

On 21 December last, the Registrar General’s Office announce the list of dealings to be made mandatory from 21 March.  See the link below for details.  The list of documents is behind the dropdown box headed “Batch 1”.  The list can also be found in the LRS website announcements here

Article 4: New requirements for the identification and claiming of silvers of land

LRS has announced new requirements when preparing deposited plans over Old System or Limited Title land to minimise the creation of small sliver parcels of land.  A simplified process will be implemented to allow an adjoining owner in possession to formally claim the land. The evidence required to accompany the dealing will include a statutory declaration detailing the adjoining owner’s period of possession and possessory acts, similar to a statutory declaration that would accompany a Primary or a Possessory Application. A new Registrar General’s Guideline will be published outlining these requirements in more detail.

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Article 5: ”Staring” the new year afresh! 

Stressed over the year that has been and the year just starting?

The people at Smiling Mind have drawn our attention to a new blog by their in-house psychologist and mindfulness / meditation practitioner, Catherine Morey-Nase on; “How to incorporate mindfulness into your workday”. There are some great tips in there to help provide some support as we all attempt to overcome the challenges of 2020 and head into a New Year.