A New Age of Conveyancing Leaders

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“I am so proud of our industry and how far we’ve come.” Peta Stewart, Peta Stewart Conveyancing
“This is the pinnacle of my career.” Merrill Phillips, Stacks Law

On Saturday 20 October 2018, the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (AIC) NSW division presented two of its members with the prestigious President’s and CEO’s Awards. The Awards represent outstanding achievements and admirable professionalism in the conveyancing industry. This year’s winners, Merrill Phillips and Peta Stewart, took a moment to answer some questions about receiving these esteemed accolades.

A humbled Merrill Phillips of Stacks Law was honoured that her colleagues believed her worthy of the CEO’s Award. She was then asked to share her thoughts on why she won the Award. “I have worked in the legal industry since 1977 (showing my age now!) and I have seen many changes during that time”, said Merrill. “I have had the opportunity to build up a relationship with colleagues, agents and other professionals, which allows me to provide the best possible service to my clients. It is a privilege to have a client put their trust in me to assist them with possibly the most stressful event in their lives, and an honour to be able to hold their hand during the transaction. I am dedicated to my profession and my door is always open to clients, colleagues, agents and other professionals.”

The Institute’s President’s Award winner, Peta Stewart of Peta Stewart Conveyancing, responded to the same question. “I won because of my passion and drive to modernise our industry in a way that puts conveyancers at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. The Award recognises my hard work over nine and a half years to ensure that I was leading the way in e-Conveyancing, mentoring and client-centric experiences.”

Peta went on to say that “customers expect competency, reliability, trust and a client-centric experience from their lawyer/conveyancer when buying or selling property”.

“Buying and selling property is expensive and stressful for all property owners”, said Merrill. “Consumers want a lawyer/conveyancer who is honest, ethical, compassionate and available when needed. They want someone who is able to do the job efficiently and for a reasonable price.”

With this is mind, the pair explained how e-Conveyancing has been key to their success. “Providing my clients with the safest, most efficient and modern way to complete their transaction is a core value of my business model. PEXA allows me to satisfy those values with integrity and trust”, said Peta.

To finish, the winners offered advice to their industry peers. “Don’t be afraid of change or trying something new. Even if it doesn’t work, you’ve still learnt something and are no worse off”, said Peta.

“We are part of an ever-changing profession and need to embrace those changes when they happen. It equips us as a profession to provide the most efficient service to our clients, our peers and professional associates.”

More about the Awards

The President’s Award recognises the owner of an established business for best practice and professionalism within the conveyancing profession. The CEO’s Award is for employed licensees and recognises a dedicated employee within the conveyancing profession.