As at 31 July 2017 the Office of State Revenue and State Debt Recovery are now called Revenue NSW. The new name and visual identity will help achieve greater awareness and understanding of the role the combined organisation has in delivering effective revenue management that supports and enables government priorities. Through our services, we deliver

Our Dream House Was a Meth Lab*

Methamphetamine, also known as ice or meth, has become a nationwide problem in Australia, causing devastating social impacts that mirror those in New Zealand and many other countries. Increasing demand for the drug has driven an increase in the number of laboratories producing it. For many illegal drug manufacturers, residential dwellings—particularly those that are not
I recall during my time as a conveyancer looking at the list of statutory enquiries and wondering under which circumstances I should order one from the Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS). Earlier in my career I was not aware of the effect, if any, that Aboriginal Heritage has on freehold property. The reality is
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